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Cranfield Foundry DOOEL Skopje is a company founded with foreign capital and registred in the Republic of North Macedonia in 2014 with the purpose of producting gray and ductile iron castings.

Our aim is to build one of the most modern foundries in Europe. For that reason we have selected GEMCO – a world leader, from the Netherlands, which specializes in constructing new foundries. Our customers are expecting first deliveries of our products soon.

Our plans are being shaped constantly as we are continuously improving our business to meet customer needs and changing market conditions. We have completed the construction of the foundry building and we are finishing installation, as well as testing of the equipment purchased by our Engineering partner, GEMCO. 

Our production site is located in Probishtip, Republic of North Macedonia.

Our Products

What we can do for you

We are determined to continuously expand our range of products and services.
Currently our capabilities can be summarized as follows:

  • Iron casting grades
    • Grey iron: EN-GJL 150-350 and other related grades
    • Ductile iron: EN-GJS 350-800 and other related grades
  • Products groups and industries include:
    • Sanitary and municipal
    • Fittings and valves
    • Railway
    • Automotive and agriculture
    • Construction & building
    • Oil and refinery
    • Cast iron cookware
    • Decorative and custom-made designer products


We will be using the most modern technology available in the foundry industry today. Induction furnaces, filtration systems and LEAN management will help us to operate to the strict EU Standards to ensure protection of the environment and our team members. State-of-the-art equipment, tools and techniques will help us to provide a consistent high quality product to our customers.

DISA is the key supplier of Cranfield Foundry’s equipment. DISA is a global leader in foundry technology.

DISAmatch flaskless 32/32:

Mould width 813 mm
Mould depth 813 mm
Mould height (drag) 225-300 mm
Mould height (cope) 225-350 mm
Max. Mould thickness 650 mm
Moulding speed 100 m/hr

ABP is the supplier of Cranfield’s induction furnaces, designed to guarantee the highest efficiency and economy required in today’s modern foundry.

ABP Medium Frequency Furnaces:

Capacity of furnaces 5000 kg each
Maximum melting rate 7504 kg/h
Nominal melting rate 6000 kg/h
Converter power 4000 kW
Design power transformer 4800 Kva

Environment & Health

We only have one planet and each of us is responsible to take care of it. Cranfield Foundry will be the newest foundry in Europe. We will take advantage of modern technology to help minimize the impact on the environment and health.

Induction Furnaces: At the heart of the Cranfield Foundry will be electrically powered induction furnaces. In older foundries furnaces were fueled by coal, coke, gas or other fossil fuels to melt the metal which created a great deal of emissions. The induction furnaces use electricity to melt the scrap metal at the optimum temperature which makes them much more environmentally friendly.

Other emissions: An induction furnace is sensitive to the type of material used to ensure a quality "melt" Cranfield will not use scrap materials contaminated with paint, oils, glues or other coatings. We must use "clean" scrap - bare metal. This significantly reduces the emissions during the melting process making it much easier to capture and filter any potential contamination with our state-of-the-art filtration system. In addition, the amount of "slag" is greatly reduced because of the "clean" metal used in the process.

Sand: The molds that the liquid metal are poured into are made from silica sand mixed with bentonite clay (all natural materials) water is mixed in to help form the mould together to make a mold (much like building a sand castle on the beach) No other chemicals are added to this mix. Most of the water from the sand evaporates during the cooling process. Approximately 95 - 97% of the sand and bentonite are recycled in the foundry. When the sand cannot hold its form it is removed from the plant. This sand is safe to be used as an agregate in the construction industry and is also used in municipal garbage dumps for "layering" over (regular household) garbage.

Water: is used in the cooling process for the furnaces, but this is a sealed system, meaning no water comes in contact with any input material. Water used for cooling is recycled. The only impure water that will come out of the facility is the same as your home, from the toilets, sinks, etc.

Standards: The EU will be the primary market for our products and since this is the case we must meet the strict EU requirements for protection of Health, Safety and the Environment.  In our business Customers are demanding detailed information about health and safety and environmental practices. Our larger customers will physically conduct site inspections to ensure what is being written on paper is in fact what is really happening in the foundry. Site inspections do not just include visiting the plant, but also sub-suppliers and physically inspecting what happens with waste materials, etc.

Safety is the number one priority for ALL team members working in the Cranfield Foundry. Safety clothing and equipment is being provided for all team members depending on their particular job. We expect everyone to work in a safe manner at all times and will not tolerate unsafe working methods.

Joining our team

We believe that capital and technology make it possible – people make it happen!

We are interested to hire people who share our belief that hard work and dedication is a major building block of any successful business. We heavily invest in state-of-the-art equipment in order to be competitive on the European market. But modern, environmentally friendly technology is not enough. Our business needs dedicated people who are eager to learn and do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers requirement for a consistent, quality product.

Cranfield Foundry will offer employment security and a stimulating work environment. Our people are expected to work in teams and our flat organization structure will help them to achieve it. At Cranfield Foundry we believe that everyone's voice counts, and that everyone can achieve more if we work together. To reward the dedication of our people we provide a competitive compensation package.

As specific positions need to be filled we will be posting the job announcements here, so please check back often.

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